Thursday, May 22, 2008


There is a huge treasure trove deep inside my mind filled with memories more valuable than silver nor gold.
Even among the ruins of my childhood and pain that has followed me like a dark thief trying to steal my joy.
The light emanating from the memories of laughter kindness and love have strengthened me and made me bold.

Even the ruins of my childhood, disasters, and broken hearts, there are so many good memories to sustain me and keep me strong.
The angels that God gifted me with generosity and love have guided me with light when all was dark. Doused me with water when my life seemed to be lost in flames of despair, and loved me unconditionally when I felt unlovable.

My treasure trove of these memories is my arsenal, my comfort, my cure, when life seemed to threaten my very soul.
Some who have heard my story can’t understand why I still laugh, smile, and am able to love to the utmost of my being. There have been too many angels in my life to name each one. Some were there for a very short time and some who have never left my side.
Even though my body is racked with pain and those looking on may mistakenly feel pity. They have no idea how little I need it. My life is full and I’ve learned to treasure every good moment .

With the love and support that surrounds me I have a lot of memories that I store away in my heart and mind and live each day as if it where my last.
With all those memories which I continue to collect. I feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

By Kay L. Schlagel