Friday, September 09, 2005

The Shepherd

My soul tired and weary wandered aimlessly. No light to guide my way, no love to lighten my load. The night desolate and forbidding.

Suddenly, appearing before me was a man in flowing white robes. I backed away as he reached out to give me the light he carried in a scarred hand.

“Take this my child. It will show you the way,” his voice gentle in the night.
“Why,” I scoffed, “would such a man as yourself possibly help me?”

“By showing you the path of light which holds riches beyond your imaginations. Riches far outreaching the value of mere silver or gold,” he replied serene.

“Surely you jest. If such a place did exist you would not be here in the darkness offering to share this knowledge with me nor show me the way.”

He looked at me with deep sadness as a tear slowly fell from his eye. “It is because of my people who wander in the darkness that I am here. My kingdom has been theirs’ from before the beginning of time but they still wander in the darkness waiting for some sign. This small light I carry I give to you. Let it warm your heart and guide your spirit to the path that will lead you to the kingdom I have prepared for you.

I felt my burdens lift as I reached for his hand.

By Kay L. Schlagel