Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A note to let you know what I am up to these days

I'm sorry that I've not kept this as up to date as I should have. I've been very busy this year with my writing. I'm finding some success now with my poetry and doing some freelancing. I'm moderater for a writer's forum called Publishers Database at www.publisherdatabase.com/forums. My ID is mdmkay on the forum and I welcome you all to come take a look especially those with an interest in poetry and/or short fiction. I still write children's books. I have just finished a young adult fantasy book called A Trip to Remember. I'm on the last revisions on another young adult fiction called Lilly's Legacy. I'm just starting on a young adult adventure mystery about 2 girls who are forced into hiding after witnessing the murder of their chemistry teacher at an exclusive California boarding school. Needless to say I'm keeping myself busy these days. I'm also still painting so you can view my new work at www.artwanted.com/mdmkay. I also have been turning my hand at some short story fiction but as you can see there are only so many hours in the day (but who am I to complain...Life is good).