Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This was a first place winner in the weekly Holistic Junction Poetry Challenge in July of 2005

Children’s Garden

I walk through the old children’s garden alone,
Searching the well worn paths.
For lingering signs from years of childish play.
Memories of my children from the past.

Kneeling on painful knees, turning back the soil,
Bringing life back into depleted flower beds.
Where once children played and laughter ruled,
Is now quiet, where once birds sang overhead.

I smile as I work for this is not a fruitless task,
In which to only pass the time.
I now have purpose to complete the planting,
Trim the trees, check the swing, and prune the vine.

My daughter called weeping with surprise and joy,
As she imparted the amazing news.
The old children’s garden before me must be sown,
Tended, and ready for them to use.

A child who’s laughter rang out here; just yesterday,
Is expectant with twins both healthy and snugly well in place.
As I sprinkle seeds to begin the process for making the flowers grow.
I tend to the garden with loving hands as tears of joy stream down my face.

By Kay L. Schlagel