Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Dream Weaver

I wanted to share a couple of poems that I entered into the Holistic Junction Weekly Poetry Challenges. This was a Third Place winner in the Aug 2005 contest.

Dream Weaver

Dream Weaver used come to me in the night.
With dreams of love, wisdom brought,
To disappear once more in morning’s light.

I welcomed dream weaver each night to play;
Subtly weaving the magic of childish dreams,
Bringing answers and showing me the way.

Pleasure so sweet, weaving the dreams became,
Before long I realized the Dream Weaver was me.
I found the magic could be summoned,
Simply dreaming under the old oak tree.

My dream weaving plans wouldn’t have be shelved,
If I could exchange what I know now for what I knew then,
I’d be living my dreams instead of the regretting
Pursuit of green, and the impotent plans of mice and men.

If wisdom is wasted on the oldest of us,
Are dreams wasted on our youth?
No, for if it were not for our dreams,
What would any of us be worth?

by Kay L. Schlagel