Monday, June 06, 2005


You’re always singing, yet I always cry. You can dance while I always fall.
Why do you seem so happy and graceful while I feel like nothing at all?

As the years have gone by you’ve always been there.
To let me cry on you shoulder, my burdens you share.

It seems like a dream when you gently pull me to my feet.
I’m afraid to dream; to suffer yet another defeat.

Your hand lifts my face but I still I lower my eyes.
As you set a gentle kiss upon my brow, I finally realize

My eyes look into yours and there are no recriminations that I see.
Just a warm and gentle love you have wanted to share with me.

In your eyes I’m not bound by the past nor defeated by shame. I’m free.
To you I am beautiful and graceful; that’s what your heart sees when it looks at me.

You begin to dance, my feet follow gracefully as we float across the dance floor.
You begin to sing; my voice joins in to catch on the wind and beautifully they soar.

You are happy and now so am I.
Our spirits have joined; in unison they fly.

Kay L. Schlagel

I'm very proud to say this peom won the first prize..a blue ribbon at the Holistic Junction poetry contest for the weekly contest Love's Illumination theme.