Friday, June 03, 2005

Beating Depression by Argile Stox

I found this article posted by Argile Stox and with his permission and generosity he is allowing me to post it here for all of to read. I personally thought his ideas were incredible and creative.

I am not nor do I claim to be an authority on chemical imbalances of the brain. However, I have realized that WORDS and their inflections cause an immediate emotional responses via the activation of certain areas of the brain which are controlled by chemical deployments. Joy, Happiness, Elation, Arousal, Sorrow, Depression, etc are all chemical responses to our visual, auditory, and sensory detectors which continually scan our environment.

I have found that by being keenly aware of "triggers" which cause an inward adverse reaction to harmful stimuli, reinforces an individual's defense mechanisms. I constantly ask myself: "Okay. I am aware of my usual negative self-induced depressive reaction pattern to this or that situation. What information do I possess to counteract this knee-jerk reaction? Should I employ the "fight or flight" instantaneous primal principle or would extreme vocalization of my distress be dumped on the offending individual or organization?"

As I became accustomed to this "step-back" approach, my thought processes and reaction time has decreased by defalting to the: "I am going to tell this person or organization OFF immediately, and not dwell on it."

Okay, I hate this visual - Interaction with individuals or "face-time" is a tennis match. You must land the ball in their court very quickly. Make sure the other individual scrambles to toss the ball back into your court. Always keep the opposing individual off balance. After a short period of discussion, the individual will grow exhausted - trying to defend their obtuse and arrogant position. In plain words - Let them have it vocally - with both barrels, right between their brain hemispheres.

This method will reawaken and fortify the chemicals in your brain which have been weakened by years of oppressive and counterproductive actions which have been deployed by others, who have mastered the art of deceptive and manipulative practices. In plain words: "I am mad as Hell, and I am not going to take it any more! Deal with it, you SOB - Pain In My Anal Canal! You are a huge Hemorrhoid in my Life, and I am no longer going to constipate my brain! Consider yourself Surgically Removed, and Fiberized!"

It took me many years to reach down and activate the "guts" to tell a person off. However, an euphoric wave of satisfaction drenched my brain, and replenished the inventory of chemicals which had been on back-order.

Yeah, PublishAmerica! Don't Piss Me Off! Ban me, silence me, ignore me. However, please be advised that I have limits. I have drawn a line in the sand, and with gusto - I will defend and protect my right to continually expose your underhanded and unscrupulous business practices. Think twice about crossing the line, "for I have not yet begun to fight!" I am an American. "Do not Tread On Me!" Do I make myself CLEAR?!

See? Words - Their inflections and meanings are the only weapons needed to inflict emotional damage and facilitate your resolve. Practice makes perfect. Practice, Practice, Practice. It gets easier with each interaction and "Tell Off!"………………Argile Stox