Tuesday, September 09, 2008

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Hi, I'm Kay. I'm a 49 y.o. female artist/author,retired RN who resides in Nebraska. I have 2 grown sons, a male life partner and a pretty complicated life ( and you thought nothing ever happens in Ne. [smiles]). I'm disabled due to the complications of severe child abuse and now work out of my home. I have MPD, PTSD, Diabetes, severe chronic migraines, bilateral trigeminal neuralgia, narcolepsy, a couple of misc. things that come and go that are a joke to spell and worse to have understood. I'm not telling you this to gain your pity because I have a great team of doctors and with a bit of help I live a full and productive life that for the most part I enjoy immensely. However, it is the reason I absolutly refuse to keep my mouth shut about the evils of child abuse and its concequences. I started this blog as a place for those who have an interest in MPD/DID, to have a look into the world of a multiple, and to help in anyway I can to bring a better understanding to those of us with dissociative disorders. Yes, I have multiple personalites (in fact I'm considered a rather severe case, although my system is stable and cohesive at this point except for times of prolonged extreme stress). I'm also a person who has the right to be treated with the dignity and respect just as you would anyone else. I don't go around freaking people out by suddenly turning into "witch woman" on their butt..in fact I have no violent alters what so ever; nor alter referred to as witch woman. I'm not saying I don't have a temper but I certainly don't have to prove a point by literally hitting someone in the head with it. Most people that know me have no clue I suffer from a mental disorder, much less MPD, unless I've chosen to tell them. Please take the time to click on the archive pages since there is so much different information in different sections of the blog that I'm unable to display it all on the front page.I've written an autobiographical book, CINDY WHEN HELL FROZE OVER, by Kay L. Schlagel. It's a session by session account of the hypnotic therapy I used to start uncovering the repressed memories of a severly abusive childhood. Below find a synopsis of the book:CINDY WHEN HELL FROZE OVER, by Kay L. SchlagelA session by session account of a patient and therapist's journey as they unlock the secrets of Cindy's tortured past. Using hypnotherapy, they uncover not only painful childhood memories but also the "children" who lived them.Unable to cope with such trauma, Cindy's mind developed "personalities" in which to deal with such unbearable circumstances. From her first meeting with the "guide" until at last they meet "Philomena", you'll weep with her as she discovers the secrets of cruel and inhuman treatment she endured as a child. Yet, you won't be able to help but laugh at her wacky sense of humor and admire her courage.There is never a dull moment as Cindy deals with the antics of her personalities and her dysfunctional family. Meanwhile, she is a newly single mother trying to hold on to a demanding career. There is a crazy cast of characters while she tries to keep her diagnosis secret so she won't lose her job, deal with a divorce, the new discoveries of therapy, and just trying to keep from mixing anyone up.Well....I was only 22 at the time what can I say? I'm well into my 40's now, and a tad wiser.. I wasn't cured. Unfortunately it's never quite that simple in the real world; as we all know. It was a great start though. It definitely changed my life for the better and set me on a path of self-discovery. My feet continue to travel that path still today.A lot has happened since then. Many more memories have come back. I've met more alters (personalities). They are all amazing and are all uniquely a part of me. One alter could paint beautifully and helped a few of the the others paint self-portraits of themselves and of me. It was amazing how different they all looked from each other. (You can find their portraits in the Sept 2004 archives.) At the time I was going through the hypnotic therapy I was an RN but had to retire in 1990 due to the complications of the abuse (both physical and mental). Today, I consider myself a professional writer of children/young adult books, poetry, and freelance articles on a variety of subjects. I am a member of several writer's forums. I keep a personal blog and am an active contributor to the writer's forum at www.publishersdatabase.com/forums and have art portfolios online on both www.artwanted.com/mdmkay, www.allartoneline.com/kayl.schlagel. I still see a psychiatrist and therapist on a regular basis although my mental condition in considered stable. I have a cooperative personality system that is cohesive except for times of deep and extended stress when I will exhibit minor alter activity. For those of you who have just been diagnosed with dissociative disorder who may be disheartened by the length of my recovery period I want to hasten to reassure you that I was considered a "severe" case of MPD and each person's recovery differs. With all that said I would like to welcome you to my site and hope that you enjoy the time you spend here and will go away feeling you have gained more hope, insight, knowledge, or just laughter than you came with.Peace be with you,KayThe paperback books can be ordered through Amazon and Barnes and Noble for approx $20 bucks orless for a used copy.YOU CAN SEE MY ONLINE ART PORTFOLIO AT www.artwanted.com/mdmkay. I keep a personal blog at www.publishersdatabase.com/forums under the user name mdmkay.You can find self-portraits painted by my ALTERS in the SEPT 2004 ARCHIVES.FOR MORE INFORMATION OR QUESTIONS CONTACT ME AT...mdmkay@hotmail.com with the words re:blog in the subject line.NOTE: All information and posts on this blog is copyrighted material and can't be republished without prior premission from myself nor without giving credit to the author and source.