Monday, September 18, 2006

A Few New Resource Sites for Information on MPD/DID

I came across a few more resource sites for information on both MPD and Dissociative disorders (not to mention alot of other good info). for info on Multiple Personality and dissociative disorders

I'm always looking for good resource sites to pass on to you but I feel like I need to put a warning here that some of these sites are huge so I couldn't even begin to fully research them so use your own judgement and common sense when looking for information on the web for MPD/DID (or anything else for that matter). NAMI-stands for the national organization that provides support for both the patient and the family of patients who suffer from mental illness. They are also active in getting new laws passed to protect the mentally ill. I put in the sidran foundation because I've read a couple of their books and found them to be very helpful. The other two I don't have any real experience with but they seem to have quite a bit of helpful info posted to I decided to go ahead and include them. If you look at my older posts you'll find other resources I found to be very helpful also. I hope that you find these to be helpful.
As some of you may already know there are chat rooms/support groups to be found on the web such as on yahoo and msn for survivors of child abuse, MPD/DID, incest survivors,....etc. I have joined several of these groups over the years and often found them to be poorly moderated and/or admission controlled which is why I haven't recommended any specific support groups. I have found some (not all) to be so poorly controlled that they can actually be retraumatizing to some of the group members. The reason I am mentioning this is because it is very popular on the net to find a "support group" for just about anything you need, however, I do want to caution you to please be careful and if possible throughly research the group before joining so that you won't have a "bad experience" with them.