Sunday, March 26, 2006

Synopsis of A Trip to Remember YA fantasy novel

The following is synopsis of a young adult fantasy novel I wrote and am trying to get published. I hope you enjoy it.

When Kad first arrived in Kathy’s room to escort her to the Queen to have her wish granted Kathy had no intentions of going with him anywhere. Kathy had made a wish for new friends after she had moved to a new city but she thought Kad was just plain crazy showing up in her room in the middle of the night talking about taking her to another world. Kathy certainly didn’t go meekly or even willingly at first, but after Kad tricked her into entering the Unicorn Plain, Kathy decided that maybe there was more to what Kad was saying than she had previously thought. After communing with the unicorns Kathy was much more willing and believed the unicorn when he said that this trip was a part of her destiny.
The rest of the trip would have gone much more smoothly had Kathy not accidentally stumbled onto the caves, and had to rescue the Felf Princess from the sticky clutches of the horrible Troll who was trying to prevent her marriage to the Elven Prince. Tre, the Princess, and Kathy became fast friends and Tre talked Kad into letting her join them for their journey that would take her back to her kingdom just in time for the engagement ball.
Their short cut through the magical Twixie Meadow would have worked much better had Kathy not been attacked by the Twixies. First, for the sequins and beads on her bright sweatshirt then as a murderer when a small Twixie inadvertently flew up her nose and she was mobbed by the Twixies because they thought she had intentionally eaten him. Luck was with the group as Danton happened to come along and was able to calm the Twixies and get Kathy to safety outside of the meadow. With the help of some Mother’s Kiss, a rare medicinal plant that he had picked earlier, he was able to heal Kathy’s potentially fatal wounds. Introducing himself as Danton the girls and Kad assumed he was part of the envoy sent by the Prince to meet the Prince at the Ball; an assumption that Danton didn’t correct.
The kingdom and castle was even more beautiful than Kathy had imagined. Getting ready for the ball was every girl’s dream until she was in the bathing chamber and they sent in someone to help her in the form of a homely house elf by the name of Porter. There was no way Kathy was taking a bath with him in the room so with some compromising she finally convinced Porter she was quite capable of taking her bath by herself. In the meantime he could go fetch her ball gown and no one would be the wiser that he had not bathed her himself. The plan would have worked out perfectly had he not come back to show her the gown and slipped and fell into the giant tub with her gown. The more they tried to get away from each other and out of the tub the more entangled they became. Hearing the commotion, the Head Felf came and pulled both the gown and Porter out by his ear. Painfully hanging in her grasp Porter looked to Kathy to help him which she did. Kathy diplomatically sorted everything out, earning Porter’s undying devotion and in turn by the time it was time to get ready for the ball Kathy not only had a clean, dry, and beautiful gown to wear; the seamstress herself was in her room to help her get dressed and ready for the ball.
The ballroom was beautiful and the night enchanting but it was lacking something…the royal families. Toward the end of the ball Porter was able to pass Kathy a note telling her and Kad to meet Tre after the ball. When they met up with Tre she had bad news, the Prince’s caravan had been attacked and no one knew what had happened to the Prince or the ambassador although it was known that at least the ambassador had been wounded. Porter and Tre had thought ahead and had their supplies and horses ready for them all to go and find out what happened to the royal caravan and find Tre’s Prince.
Once they get to the scene of the attack there isn’t a lot of evidence of what has happened but one thing is clear, there were still hoof prints that belonged to a group of centurions that were called the “Shunned Ones” who were shunned from their group after they were accused of killing a group of humans more than a decade ago. Bidding Tre, Kathy, and Porter to make camp after entering the Magi Forest after finding the remains of the caravan, Kad goes farther into the forest to scout around to make sure there is no one around to attack them. To his great surprise he literally runs into Danton, who tells him that the Prince wasn’t injured but the ambassador was injured quite seriously. When Danton starts asking questions about the girls, Kad invites him back to join their camp.
Hearing the young men coming back Tre grabs Kathy’s hand and pulls her to her feet and tells her that they need to wash up and comb their hair before encountering Danton again. While washing up at the river the girls hear a swooshing noise behind them but before either of them can react or look to see what is causing the noise, Tre is pushed into the water and Kathy is grabbed up by the waist and carried off into the forest.
At first Kathy is so disoriented she can only comprehend the ground rushing by her and feels like she is being held tightly in one arm by someone or something running at full speed. Once Muse, a centaur, had slowed down enough for Kathy to gain her bearings she begins to struggle and begs him to take her back to her friends. Muse explains patiently that it had not been his intention to kidnap her but to save her from the predatory Kuantis that had been about to carry both her and Tre away for a meal. Much to Kathy’s disappointment however, although Muse and his family turns out to be very kind and generous to her, they were unable to take her back to where Muse had found her and she finds herself stuck living with the Centaurians in the Shunned valley. The young Centaurian’s secrets come to light when Kathy is found by the entourage that consists of not only her friends but the Prince’s ambassador and the Centaurians that originally shunned the group that dwell in the Shunned Valley and it becomes known that it wasn’t any of the Shunned Ones that had attacked the Prince’s caravan. However, Kathy sustains a serious head wound when she gets between the two rival clan leaders and is accidentally hit by their hooves as they rear up to attack each other. Realizing their fight is not worth the death of the young girl all is immediately calmed down and peace talks start between the two clans.
Kathy finds herself recovering quite nicely back at the castle after being carried back carefully by Dutch, the clan leader of the Shunned Ones. Once she awakes, Tre is there to catch her up on all the news and to tell her the wedding was still on and is scheduled to proceed that very night. Kathy was hoping that Tre would be happy to finally be wed to her Prince but that was before Tre told her that she had fallen in love with Danton and that the love match was mutual. However, Tre knew what her duty was to her people and like her Danton had already been promised in marriage by his parents, so a romance could never work between them.
The evening of the wedding came without fail. Tre was introduced as the Felf Princess Triania and the Elven Prince was introduced by his formal full name. Imagine both their surprise when they removed each other’s veil to find their true loves standing there. After Tre faints from surprise and Danton didn’t fair much better the wedding was stopped until things were sorted out. Everyone had assumed the two had told each other who they really were since they had been so close but both were so accustomed to traveling under their assumed names that neither of them thought of telling the other who they really were. The wedding proceeded as planned and was a very happy occasion for all. After it was over it was time for Kathy to go home.
Queen Fantasia gives Kathy an amulet that will let her return to the Wish Realm a limited number of times so that she can check on her friends. Kathy tells the Queen that her wish for friends has already been granted by the friends she had made by coming to this world, and she was confident in her ability to make friends in her own world now. So without anymore undo fuss the Queen waves her wand and sends Kathy back home.
Kathy assumes this is the end of her adventure until the next morning when her mother says there is a boy waiting for her at the door. She doesn’t recognize him at first until Porter tells her that the Queen was kind enough to grant his request to send both him and his family back to her world so that he could fulfill his debt to her. Kathy is just pleased that she is starting out her time here with a new handsome best friend.

By Kay L. Schlagel with copyright