Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I Should Have Thought of This!

I came across an article in my that when I read it I thought, "Why didn't I think of that?" It talked about writing letters to yourself or perhaps, to your younger self that takes advantage of the insight, wisdom, and compassion you've gained from recovery, therapy, or even just aging. This is great for journal users or anyone when they have a particular problem they need to overcome. WRITE YOURSELF A LETTER. Try to look at the problem objectively and write the letter as if you were writing to someone else and give them the gift of your hindsight, compassion, wisdom, and love. You couldn't ask for a better mentor because no one else knows the issues that need to be addressed nearly as well as you do. To get good at writing these letters and more comfortable try to write yourself a letter a week. Start with easy more general issues and continue onto more specific and troubling issues. I hope you will try this because I'm certainly going to. I've written letters to myself before and found them to be very helpful but I never thought of doing it on a weekly basis. The more I think about it the better the idea sounds so I'll be doing my weekly letter I hope you decide to write yours.