Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Shield

The past. Its shadow still possesses me,
Like prison of memories, it surrounds me.

My spirit’s cold, my body weak.
I pine for love I dare not seek.

My world is one of pain and distrust
To protect my armor is a must.

For many seek to destroy us still.
Our memory to blank, our spirits to kill.

The blood of many, stains my past.
Has the time to be free come at last?

Many are the faces that hide behind my shield.
The pain of their memories, never to be revealed.

Dare I tell them their journey has begun?
To come from the darkness into the sun.
Can I tell them that the past is done?
The power of truth at last has come.

I fear to tell them. What will they reply?
They've journeyed that road before and fear that I lie.

I plea to put the past to rest before it's too late.
To continue forward, not hesitate.

To believe the path of tomorrow, is not one of sorrow.
But only by facing the past together can we follow.

Memories of the past must be complete.
The mistakes that were made; never to repeat.

Together we fight as the knights of old.
Courageous, relentless, strong and bold.

The memories and pain released from our soul.
The bonds of the past will lose their hold.

By Kay L. Schlagel