Saturday, January 15, 2005


You sit and listen quietly while I talk of the past, of the pain, letting the anger pour out of my very soul.
You hand me tissues with a reassuring smile that tells me that even though it hurts that I’m healing from what came before.

Every week you listen to me my memories over and over as many times as I have to repeat;
Each and every new problem that arise; you’re with me in battle, each one to defeat.

You consider me a warrior not a mentally defective soul that can’t handle her life.
You encourage me, console me and guide me through the terror and the strife.

It is you that I turn to when life gets to rough that all I can think of is ending my pain in one final blow.
It’s your voice over the phone telling me how far I’ve come and how much I have to live for.

As the panic subsides and your calm voice penetrates the fog of depression and pain that grips me;
I fervently thank God for having brought you into my life to help in this fight to be free.

Free of the past that haunts me. Free to become courageous, bold, and to go on with the rest of my life.
Maybe the getting help is actually the hardest step. Coming out of denial enough to know you can’t live with such strife.

When deciding what you wanted to do with your life you may have thought you were choosing a career, a lofty goal that you sought.
What you really chose was a vocation. You chose to heal and deal with people’s minds and souls what a worthy challenge you got.

Years later after you achieved your goal, you found you have riches beyond silver or gold.
You have clients who will never forget you and can now go on with life courageous and bold.

Kay Schlagel
dedicated to Mary Suda