Sunday, March 26, 2006

CINDY, When Hell Froze Over (an excerpt from my book)


PROLOGUE: Hi. I’m Cindy and I survived! The following is the story of my life. The tears, the fears, and the triumph of survival. I have survived a personal hell, lasting for twenty-two years, and thanks to God and counseling, my hell has finally frozen over.
Let me first acquaint you with my beginnings. I was the last child in a family of six girls. I was conceived in anger; a futile attempt of my mother’s to hold her failing marriage together. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. My parents were separated, and subsequently, divorced, while my mother was carrying me. My father stated I was not his biological child—A statement I was never allowed to forget in the following years. I was never to see my real father until I had reached my adult years. My mother remarried not long after her divorce to a man whom I would grow to fear and hate, as no human should hate another person.
The names and places in this book will be disguised so as not to inflict any more pain or humiliation to an already suffering family. It is not intentionally meant to point fingers nor punish. It took me a lot of years and soul-searching, but I have finally reached a conclusion. We were ALL victims!

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