Friday, September 24, 2004

Question for the day

Why is it so hard for women or men to feel comfortable with their bodies? Why do we feel that we would "feel" better if we were only thinner, more muscular, had bigger chests, poutier lips, longer or shorter hair? Anything other than looking exactly how we are? What laws would be broken if we weren't constantly bombarded with views of these "excellent" and "perfect" bodies that only about what....1-2 percent of the population can actually achieve without starvation and or surgery? Even then a huge percentage of us just aren't going to look like that. God made us big, little, short, tall, fat, and skinny. Probably for the same reason he gave us all different faces and a variety of skin tones and colors. We were supposed to all be unique and not little clones of each other. Let's face it... you could be with the most sexy looking person on the face of this earth, however, after talking to them for awhile if they don't have much of a personality you usually don't find them sexy anymore do you? Someone who you considered average or even below average in looks that has a dynamite personality...after you get to know them, frankly their sexy quota can go way up. The same goes for us with other people. The other facet you have to figure in is the fact that what one person finds appealing and attractive another might not. We all have our own ideas on what things appeal to us or not about another person. Wouldn't it be wonderful if society would encourage us to work as much on our personalities and minds as it does on some far fetched idea of having the "perfect look". How much better our sciety would be. I'm not talking about that "Oh, I'm so sexy, successful, and better than you" type of personality. I mean working on our own unique talents, personality traits, and just plain feeling good about ourselves. Can you imagine the decrease of mental health bills in this country alone just be being kinder to ourselves and others?